Game Development Blog Entry #1

21 07 2012

Balancing indie game development between school can be quite a challenge. Being a heavy gamer I consider everything I do in terms of gaming as “research”, as a result I usually end up not doing so much on homework due to the amount of time I use for “researching”. Don’t get me wrong though, some aspects of various games that I play do present themselves in “Rise and Run: Possessions”, its just that I probably spend more time playing a game then actually learning anything from them. However I am fixing this issue now by limiting my research to games through just reading a series of reviews, fan comments, youtube videos and what not, so that we can actually put actual contents for the R&R:P (Rise and Run: Possessions) project.

As of now we have the lore of the game very much set, right now we are focusing on items and equipments for the first few “chapters” to the game. We are also developing the rest of the unique characters that we have in the game. As of game development, I won’t be surprised if we can churn out the game fairly fast if we have an official artists (we, as in the founding group, can all do some art, me being the best at it as of now, however we are not professionals or good enough to the point where we can use little time to draw something awesome, I’m just really saying that with school I don’t have time to draw). So hey dudes and dudettes, if you guys want to help with art development just leave a comment in the comment section below!

Let’s see… I’ll keep you guys updated once we have more progress to talk about. Peace!


George “xxKuro” Jieh

Three Bards Entertainment

VP, Director of Art and Music, and Local Esphorosian Philosopher and Physicist


I’m Back!

20 07 2012

I am back once more!! Yeah!!! However I would probably not have an active series that I post on a regular bases because I am busy with a personal project right now.

I will post more on it later in the next few days. Just wait! XD

Teh EyeWarez

18 11 2010

I have recently buzzed my hair really really short, in barber language its a 7, which is like the longest shave you can have. Therefore I look somewhat like those very contemporary looking short hair Taiwanese, Japanese, or Koreans, so I was researching…. Hummmm… how should I dress like them? What do they wear? What accessory do they use? First thing that came into mind is people wearing large, thick rim, sunglasses or grass frames.

I know for a fact that in Taiwan there is a eyeglass frame store called 2nd Frame that sells this type of glasses. You can look at their website here and their English “blog” site is here, but personally living in US we don’t see these type of stores in every shopping mall we go into, and if we do fine one they are probably fairly expensive. At first I gave up, but then I saw this MV:

I was like, “Hey I have the same hair style as Kevnish and his glasses look tight!”

Therefore I went around and did some research. The actual brand that Far East Movement use for the MV “Like A G6” is actually custom made from a designer brand, therefore very expensive. However there are people nice enough at OC Shades to make replicas of them and sell it for fairly cheap.

Take a look at their Line Up (Click on the glasses for more info!):

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黒E人 Edition 1 Top Music Celebrity Watch (Japan)

11 10 2010

There isn’t a whole lot of Japanese singing related news this week, at least I couldn’t find much. The first to mention is Shu Watanabe! He isn’t a singer, at least that’s not what he is famous for. However I put him under top music celebrities because he is known well internationally, or at least his show is known internationally, and this news have to do with music and him singing. Sooo… Shu Watanabe is the leading actor for the internationally known show Kamen Riders, which I personally think Power Rangers spawn from. Instead of acting he is releasing a Single called “Regret nothing ~Tighten Up~”. The single will be out on Decemember 1st, and released under the name of the character he played in Kamen Rider, which is Eiji Hino. The reason for this is because this song is the ending theme song for “Kamen Rider OOO” starting on October 3.

Dreams Come True started their tour on October 2nd, and they kicked it off by announcing that they are releasing a new album title “LOVE CENTRAL” on November 30th. Read the rest of this entry »

黒E人 Edition 1 Top Music Celebrity Watch (Korea)

11 10 2010

First subject we will be talking about today is what did some of the top celebrities do in the past week, or what news has spawned from them. I will be covering the ones that I care about and hopefully ones that you care about as well. Top music celebrities include singers from Japan, Korea, or Taiwan that is known fairly well internationally, examples will be like Rain, BoA, Jay Chou, 2NE1, Utada, Miyavi, JJ Lin, Ayumi, X Japan and people like them.

The first up is DBSK a.k.a. JYJ! This is actually pretty exciting. There is a rumor posted on JYJ’s official fan café that the former members of DBSK will be making an appearance on “Late Show With David Letterman”!!! This is extremely exciting because if it’s true, which I hope it is, this will be the first Korean group ever to appear on an American talk show. Correct me if I’m wrong, I think it’s probably also the first time any East Asian celebrity appear on an American talk show.

The next is KARA! Kara released their best album sometimes last month or so. In September it have been ranked 2nd on Oricon daily albums chart. Read the rest of this entry »

黒E人 Edition 1 Introduction

11 10 2010

Hello Internet, welcome to the first official post of黒E人. There is quite a lot to talk about today, considering how much news happened in Asia last week. Many of which are not super important, but there are quite a few highlights that could bring up discussion. Because while writing these news my post is getting very long so that I am dividing the reports down to subject and region. For every post I will have a introduction something like this, which is an summary for the weeks’ entertainment news and/or highlights of awesome comments that YOU have posted that is not a respond to my Asian Entertainment Rants and Discussion!

Below are links that links you to other sections of this week’s article so you can get to what you like faster!

(links will be posted once all posts are uploaded)


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Intro to 黒E人

11 10 2010

Hello internet, welcome to the first post for 黒E人 (pronounced hei yi ren), which is a word play on the Chinese term for Man in Black (yeah I know the word black is in Japanese not Chinese, but if its just a normal Chinese character it won’t represent me!). E representing entertainment and Black representing me! This is a weekly East Asian entertainment report that will be posted approximately every Monday. The post will have highlights of the previous week and have some topics for discussion for you to leave a comment about in the comment section below, on my Facebook page, or on twitter! This post is just for introductions, and to see do you all like such things.  I am currently writing the first real report and will be posting it later today.

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